At Serenity Family Dentistry we take a conservative approach to dentistry, focusing on maintaining your current dentition and keeping it optimally healthy. We emphasize and educate our patients on how to keep their smiles healthy with proper home care and regular dental visits. We help our patients evaluate dietary factors that might be causing problems if they exist, and offer advice and suggestions to prevent dental problems that can arise due to other health problems or medications.

Regular Exams and Cleanings

During your dental exam we will review your medical history , perform a thorough oral cancer evaluation of your intraoral cavity, and examine your teeth and gums. We will make you aware of any areas you need to focus on at home to maintain a healthy smile. We will address any concerns or questions you may have, and if treatment is recommended, will schedule it for you at your convenience.

Our caring and experienced dental hygienist will clean your teeth and take any necessary diagnostic xrays. Weed on preventing gum disease are focusand will check each area for inflammation and educate you as to areas of concern. Our hygienist strives to be both thorough and gentle and will make sure you are comfortable during your dental cleaning.

Periodontal Health

Periodontal (gum) disease affects up to half of Americans , with many people not even aware that they have it until it is severe and teeth could be lost. We are focused on preventing gum disease and will check each area for inflammation and educate you as to areas of concern. Routine dental checkups are the most important way to defend against gum disease because we screen for it every six months. When it is caught in its earliest stage, called gingivitis, we can treat it easier and achieve greater success. With vigilant home care and consistent dental cleanings, the condition can be prevented from progressing.

Tooth Decay

We utilize digital xrays and regular dental exams to diagnose decay when it is incipient, ie the cavities are small. This way we can restore the teeth with smaller restorations, conserving tooth structure.