Meet Dr. Danna

Meet Dr. Danna, a dentist with a big heart and a passion for excellence. She’s been practicing dentistry for more than 12  years, and her journey began at UNIBE University in the Dominican Republic, where she earned her first dental degree. Dr. Danna’s commitment to dedication, compassion, and lifelong learning led her to pursue further education at Rutgers University in New Jersey, where she achieved her degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Danna lives by a simple yet powerful motto: “Treat patients as you would want your family to be treated.” Her caring nature shines through in every interaction, and she places a high value on integrity, offering her patient’s peace of mind in their dental care.

Dr. Danna’s unique empathy for patients with dental phobias is rooted in her own fear of airplanes, allowing her to connect with and understand their anxieties on a personal level.

Outside of her dental practice, Dr. Danna finds joy in activities like Pilates, prayer, and meditation. Her holistic approach to life complements her empathetic and caring nature, making her not just a skilled dentist, but also a warm and compassionate healthcare provider.